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There is a shop called “Shibata Gifts and Pottery” near the south of Nayamachi shopping district. If you walk around the Nayamachi shopping district at 9:30 am in the morning, you will notice how the shop front is being diligently cleaned. Mr. Shibata’s shop has been around since 1835 and is considered the oldest shop in the Nayamachi shopping district. Originally, he was a wholesaler of Kiyomizu ware/ceramics, but after the war, he started retailing them in line with his move. The shop is stacked with Kiyomizu ware/ceramics, Arita ware/ceramics, western-style dishes, coffee cups, kelp/seaweed, detergents and many more.



“A place to convey the Japan’s important culture as a gift”
The Japanese way of giving gifts allows for smooth human relationships.

One popular Japanese custom is the custom of “giving gifts”. When one goes to a friend’s house, or when moving, giving birth, getting married, or when one’s sickness has healed, or even when visiting a relative’s house—the Japanese people are fond of giving gifts in almost every occasion. Giving gifts livens up conversation, and people find it easier to have something to talk about, thus making interactions easier and human relationships smoother. When you move in, you normally give a towel; when you move out, you normally give dried bonito (Japanese preserved food—made by drying bonito meat), so ideally, you think of the person whom you will give the gift to and choose it accordingly.

The “customary” practice in gift giving

When giving gifts, it’s best to choose something that you know will please the receiver, but there are also some gifts that you should never give depending on the time or occasion. For instance, it is considered unsuitable to give detergents as a wedding gift because it denotes a meaning of “foaming” or “flowing”. This way of thinking has been adapted since long ago and is considered “customary”.
Recently, it has become easier and more convenient to buy gifts online and in supermarkets, but the downside is that the “customary practice” and delicate care which have long been valued by older generations are now slowly being forgotten. Even so, if you consult the shop owner about the gift’s recipient or for what occasion, he will willingly help choose the best gift for you.

Specialty gift stores have a variety of products to choose from such as cups, sake, dishes, watches and many more. Why not drop by and pick out a special gift on your way home…?

Shibata Gifts and Pottery Store



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