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Japanese Pickles – Nakamura Flower and Pickle Store

Japanese pickles use many different vegetables matured in salt, vinegar and rice malt. They are very well preserved and packed full of flavour. In Japan they are often eaten with rice, or just on their own. They are similar to anchovies or other countries’ pickles, but Japanese pickles have their own unique flavour that develops …

Obanzai – Kitchen Ishiguro

Obanzai represents traditional, old-fashioned Kyoto home cooking. Its subtle seasoning complements the natural flavours of the ingredients. Some of the dishes include arame no taitan (sea oak kelp cooked in soy sauce), kasujiru (a hearty soup make with rice malt), kyo takenoko no chikuzenni (braised chicken and vegetables with bamboo shoots) tai no arani (simmered …

Yuzu kombu – Kitase Kombu

‘Washoku’ means traditional Japanese food. Kelp and bonito flakes are essential ingredients for making dashi broth: one of the most traditional of all.   Kitase Kombu Traditional Store sells both kelp and bonito flakes. Their stick candy ‘yuzu kombu’ is popular amongst tourists, blending the flavours of kelp with yuzu (Japanese citrus). It’s eaten just …

Kimono and Yukata – Nayamachi Drapery Store

Kimono are traditional Japanese clothes still used today for ceremonial occasions. Both men and women dressed in kimono are often seen in the city of Kyoto. Yukata are more casual and typically worn in summer. They used to be worn as robes or pyjamas but nowadays they are worn as everyday clothes. They are very …

Nayamachi Shopping Arcade

Nayamachi Shopping Arcade is located in Fushimi, where the traditional atmosphere of its historical commercial district still remains.
For over 100 years, it has been known as Fushimi's culinary heart and a thriving business centre.
Represented by its mascot 'Nayamacchi', it features some of Fushimi's finest goods and establishments.

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