Japanese Pickles – Nakamura Flower and Pickle Store

Japanese pickles use many different vegetables matured in salt, vinegar and rice malt. They are very well preserved and packed full of flavour.

In Japan they are often eaten with rice, or just on their own. They are similar to anchovies or other countries’ pickles, but Japanese pickles have their own unique flavour that develops during maturation.

Narazuke (picked in rice malt) and shibazuke (picked in red perilla) are popular amongst tourists. As for the sour and salty umeboshi (pickled plum), opinion is divided!

Nakamura Flower and Pickle Store in Nayamachi Shopping Street sells seasonal pickled vegetables matured in nuka (fermented rice bran). As for the varieties of vegetables, there are daikon (radish), kabura (turnip), aka kabura (red turnip), hakusai (Chinese cabbage), hinona (another variety of turnip) and cucumber.


Nakamura Flower and Pickle Store
Opening hours 9:00 ~ 19:00
Closed every Tuesday


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