Obanzai – Kitchen Ishiguro

obanzaiObanzai represents traditional, old-fashioned Kyoto home cooking. Its subtle seasoning complements the natural flavours of the ingredients. Some of the dishes include arame no taitan (sea oak kelp cooked in soy sauce), kasujiru (a hearty soup make with rice malt), kyo takenoko no chikuzenni (braised chicken and vegetables with bamboo shoots) tai no arani (simmered sea bream head with skin-on meat) and hamo no otoshi (boiled pike conger with pickled plum paste).


At Gourmet Kitchen Ishiguro, Japanese sake, ethnic food from Kyoto and specialist ingredients from all over Japan are sold along with obanzai.

Gourmet Kitchen Ishiguro
10:00 ~ 19:00
Closed every Sunday



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