GAFU HOSTEL & DINER is located at the south of Nayamachi shopping district. The first floor is a dining café, while the second floor is an accommodation facility.



The dining café on the first floor is an American café / bar with a full-packed meat menu. Foreign tourists who miss the taste of food in their homeland usually stop by at the café, but there are other customers who equally enjoy American food / cuisine. Moreover, the café has a lively interior that is housed with glass.

The “GAFU Original Fushimi Burger” is a regular on the menu and unique to Fushimi, a Japanese style hamburger with saigyo miso in demi-glace sauce. Customers can also choose from 3 types of hamburger steaks, grilled pork, grilled chicken, dice-cut steak with sauce, Yoshida sauce, marinara sauce, and saigyo miso demi-glace sauce.

The café homepage is available in three languages: Japanese, English and Chinese. Some of the staff can also speak in English and Chinese, so customers do not need to worry about language barriers / getting lost in translation. The café and bar is regularly hosting Bossa Nova live performances as well.


The second floor has been set up as a guest house with 16 beds, while the interior has been decorated just like the “Blue Train”(luxury sleeper trains).” The user manual is convenient for foreigners as it also supports English and Chinese. The price is also reasonable, with 4000 several hundred yen for an overnight stay with breakfast.


Lastly, there is a bar counter and a deck chair on the rooftop, and a “beer garden” where customers can have barbecue. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their selection of delicious food and drinks while enjoying the nice cool, breeze!



GAFU HOSTEL & DINER 雅風 ホステル&ダイナー

Postal code: 612-8056 | 106-7 Nakaaburakakecho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City


Business hours: 7 am – 11 pm

Holidays: None


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