JYOTY is an Indian / Nepalese restaurant run by Nepalese-born staff / cooks. Visible on the wall are some Indian / Nepalese embroidery tapestries, and their featured music is either Indian or Nepalese. Just one step inside the store and customers can already taste “Maharaja”.


The dishes are mainly curry and tandoor dishes (kiln-baked) and are available in chicken, mutton, vegetable, seafood and 5 kinds of pork, so in total, there are around 20 different kinds of curry dishes! The wide selection makes choosing and eating the different curry dishes fun. Furthermore, since there are vegetarians in Nepal, India, they also have an extensive selection of vegetarian men. Healthy dishes that use lots of spices are particularly popular among women.

The recommended for their lunch menu is the Lunch B set, priced at 850 yen (tax excluded) and includes curry (you can choose 2 out of 8 kinds), salad, soup, naan, mini rice and soft drinks (you can also choose lassi). There are also Indian beers (King Fisher) and Chilean wines available.

All menus are written in English. The staff from Nepal are good in Japanese but are also fluent in English, so foreign customers can order with ease. There is also a takeout option available.




120-1 Nayamichi, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City

Business hours: 11 am – 10 pm


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