Meet our mascot, Nayamacchi: no man is a match for him. He’s a hot and vibrant guy who keeps Nayamachi Shopping Street on fire! Designed by Fushimi-based artist Mitsugu Fujii, Nayamacchi wears an apron around his waist with the symbol ‘NA’ for Nayamachi. His special power stems from his (match) head that strikes flames into the hearts of shoppers everywhere. He appears at many events and festivals to promote Nayamachi Shopping Street.


Nayamacchi Profile

Name: Nayamacchi

Birthplace: A tiny planet far, far away

Gender: Male

First appearance: 2013-10-6

His idol: Ryumacchi

Special power: Using the match on his head to energise people

Hometown: Fushimi, Kyoto

Favourite food: Curry

Hobby: Sleeping

Talent: Naymacchi exercise

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Nayamacchi Products

Nayamacchi products are available. Why not buy one as a souvenir?

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