Most of Nayamachi Shopping Street is covered by KYOTO Wi-Fi.




KYOTO Wi-Fi is provided by companies associated with Kyoto City.

It is free to all users 24 hours a day.



Select SSID

On your WiFi setting, please select KYOTO Wi-Fi then launch the browser on your device.



After accepting the terms and conditions, you can either login through a social network or your preferred email account.

Ⅰ Using a social network account:

① Type in your existing ID and password.

② After being accepted, you will be online with KYOTO Wi-Fi.



ⅡUsing an existing email address:

①Enter your email address

②Check your inbox for a verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to click the verification link and activate your account.

③You will now be online with KYOTO Wi-Fi